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 Thank you for all that you do but most of all for inspiring Ava!




When we came home  today Charlotte went directly to her keyboard and starting playing.  That is a first for her...she doesn't usually practice until the next day.  Amazing!  Thank you so much for placing her with a wonderful teacher!




 Be Inspired



Private Lessons 


THE TEACHING YEAR (10 months, September-June) 


Please be aware that you may begin lessons at any time during the year and it is not necessary to begin in September. However, there will be no adjustments made to the regular monthly payments.Lessons are usually available in the Summer for those who wish to continue.




The lessons are taught in the evenings on Weekdays and during the day on Weekends. Time slot availability is based on student enrolment, discipline studied and teacher availability. To find available spots please use the login that was emailed to you.



There are two methods of payment possible:

1. Online Payment via Credit Card (additional 3.3%)

2. Post-dated Cheques

Once the length of the lesson has been decided upon, every month will be the same price regardless of the predetermined holidays (as outlined in the calendar section of the policy), or the varying number of lessons that each month may have. The cost of 40 lessons for the year will be totaled and then divided into 10 equal payments. The cost per lesson is $22.50/30 minutes, $33.75/45 minutes and $45.00/60 minutes. Please note that Monday students have a slightly lower monthly tuition fee to accommodate for Statutory Holidays.

All students will be required to give all cheques for Sept-June or for the remaining portion of the year before lessons can begin. This will allow you to choose and hold your preferred time slot. Please post-date all of your cheques for the 1st of every month as they will be cashed on the first business day. Make your cheques payable to ENCORE SCHOOL OF MUSIC.


Brampton Payment Chart


 Please note there may be an additional cost for materials/supplies/books etc. 



If a cheque bounces for any reason whatsoever, there will be a $35 NSF fee that must be paid along with the outstanding monthly balance before lessons can resume.



Please note that there will be an automatic $20.00 late fee added to every monthly payment that is not available for processing by the 1st of every month.  If using our online payment method, the invoice must be paid by the 25th of the previous month to avoid late fees.




Encore has grown to include a high number of students and we are a team of multiple teachers. Because there are a number of people affected by each time slot, your lesson will be treated like a swimming lesson, soccer game, dance class, karate class etc. If you are unable to attend your lesson, you will have forfeited that time of instruction and there are no reschedules for any reason. Lessons also cannot be extended for late arrivals. Please note that if you are able to provide notice of an upcoming absence, it would be appreciated.



Please note that the safety of our students and teachers is our first concern. Encore will send out cancellation notifications via email at any time and lessons will resume as soon as possible with no compensation.




In the uncommon event that a teacher is away due to illness or emergency, you will be notified if time allows of either a qualified substitute or a rescheduled lesson that will be convenient for both parties if at all possible.



It is important that you check your email/phone regularly to stay up to date and also that you use your online login information. We also have helpful email notifications for events you are involved in that you can turn-off at anytime.



Encouragement: Remember that enthusiasm is contagious!


Hygiene: Please be sure that your child washes their hands before the lessons, that they shower regularly, that they wear deodorant as soon as it is appropriate, and that they have clean socks or slippers on (as all outdoor footwear must be removed in the foyer). Also, keep fingernails trimmed and check for lice frequently.

No Food Zone: Our teachers will sometimes need to eat during there shift, but  we would like to limit our students to bringing water only to keep allergens out of the studio.


Nut/fish free zone: We do not allow any fish or nut products into the studio but we cannot guarantee a nut free environment. Please inform us if your child has a serious allergy we should be aware of and ensure that the always have their Epi pen with them and accessible if necessary.  


Performance: It is essential that the student learns to perform as soon as possible. Please be sure that your child is involved in as many recitals, festivals and exams as the opportunities arise. 


On-time: Out of consideration to myself and to the other students, it is very important that you drop-off and pick-up your child on time. Encore will not be responsible for any student before the time that the scheduled lesson begins, or after the lesson ends because we will be occupied with another student. 


Communication: Our best method of communication is email so please check it regularly, especially on lesson days for important information. Also, be sure to respond quickly if confirmation is needed to ensure that you have received the message. Please also check the parent note in the emailed assignments on a weekly basis. 


Progress: Please be aware that every child will progress at their own pace. We want to see progress but never at the cost of enjoyment.


If you feel that for any reason you wish to end your lessons, you will be required to give a minimum of 1 months’ notice and tuition whether you decide to continue during that month or not. The remaining cheques will be returned to you or shredded.



Please note that by entering into this agreement you are giving Encore the right to record and post any pictures, musical successes, recordings, performances or other information that may include your child on our various websites as a means of advertising. 



Please note that by entering into this agreement you are giving Encore the right to send email blasts that pertain to you.



Please note that by processing your first payment to Encore School of Music you are agreeing to the terms of this policy.