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 Thank you for all that you do but most of all for inspiring Ava!




When we came home  today Charlotte went directly to her keyboard and starting playing.  That is a first for her...she doesn't usually practice until the next day.  Amazing!  Thank you so much for placing her with a wonderful teacher!



Instruction in all of the following areas of discipline are offered through Encores private one on one lessons, or through online lessons using Skype


Whether your goal is to learn how to read music notation or to learn to improvise using chord symbols, we can help you to realize your full potential.  The Piano Lessons are customized according to each students needs.  At Encore, you can confidently prepare for RCM exams, auditions or special performances.  


Learning to listen is a skill that must be developed in order to enjoy and perform music in the fullest manner possible.  At Encore, Ear Training is not only a key component of RCM exam preparation, it is also a foundational component that is needed to become a confident performer.  


At Encore, I feel that in order to fully appreciate the complexitiy of music, theoretical concepts should be thoroughly explored.  Although understanding music rudiments is an RCM requirement, working in this area can help to free the students creativity and it will also allow the student to notate and share their imagination with others.


We believe that although it is important to be creative, it is also essential to be able to easily convey someone elses creativity accurately.  At Encore, sight reading is viewed as a fundamental part of becoming a literate musician, and developmental exercises are incorporated into every lesson.

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 are also available to provide instruction in addition to a middle or secondary school music course.  At Encore, we will come alongside students who are striving to reach their fullest musical potential.  We can help you to prepare for a project, concert, or final exam.





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